About ME

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Thank you for visiting my site.  I am a designer based in New York City, specializing in sound for theatre and post production for film, including: Sound Design, Editing, Composition, Mixing, and Studio Recording.


I currently work in New York City, primarily for Five OHM Productions.  For Five OHM, I focus in sound and video systems.  Here I am able to explore creative solutions for various shows, events, and installations.


One of my memorable designs was working on the musical Oh! War at the National World War I Museum.  Along with the museum, we were able to bring theatre to a  non-conventional audience.  Working with the museum, I began my journey into re-creating period sounds, and began my love of being involved in sound installations.


I have done composition for many shows, and had my designs emerge as the atmosphere that supported the play. I have also focused on studio recording, training on an SSL Duality board, and did post production for short films and commercials.

I take pride in every design, and make each production unique. As a Sound Designer, I feel as though I should also help tell the story of the play, utilizing a different set of tools, by using sound as my medium.



Creativity is Limitless